NEWS “Lepsius believed that 1915 would cause a moral disaster also for the Germans”

Works of German theologian Lepsius, who sent reports to German politicians for warning them during the Armenian Genocide, revealed the fact that German officials had known the massacres but they hadn't done anything for preventing them. Director of Lepsius House Rolf Hosfeld talked about the influence of Lepsius' works on German society's current recognition and Germany's responsibility in the Armenian Genocide.
CHURCHES Ateşyan's letter to President: we submit our regret to your dignified office

Archbishop Aram Ateşyan, General Vicar of Armenian Patriarch in Turkey, sent a letter to President Erdoğan about the Armenian Genocide resolution of Bundestag. In the letter, Ateşyan defined the passing of the resolution as “abuse of Armenian nation by imperialist forces”. Claiming that the decision caused a deep regret in Armenian nation, he said “we submit our regret to your dignified office”.
Death threats against Cem Özdemir

While the debates on the genocide resolution that was passed in Bundestag on June 2 continues, Cem Özdemir, who made great efforts for passing the resolution, receives death threats.
NEWS The resolution is a message for Turkey

The decision of Bundestag is a message for Turkey above all. Would Turkey take it as a message? Highly unlikely, but Germany's attitude is really meaningful and important for Armenians.
NEWS Sargsyan's call to Bundestag

Armenia's President Serzh Sargsyan addressed to Bundestag about the Armenian Genocide resolution that will be voted tomorrow and asked the members of Bundestag not to connect the voting with the migration deal between Turkey and EU.
TURKEY The content of the genocide resolution determined

The Armenian Genocide resolution that will be discussed in Bundestag on June 2 is titled as “Remembrance and Commemoration of the Genocide against Armenians and other Christian Minorities in 1915-1916 in Ottoman Empire”. In the resolution, the term “genocide” is openly used and the responsibility of the German Reich is pointed out.