Amal Clooney reacted against the claims of Baku

In Azerbaijan, there has been a campaign against human rights lawyer Amal Clooney.

Amal Clooney stated that she will be defending journalist Hatice İsmailova who is one of the many political prisoners in Azerbaijan. According to the claims of some government officials and media organs in Azerbaijan, Clooney is doing this, because she is Armenian. Clooney responded to these claims and said, “I cannot understand how my nationality can be considered as something that makes me disreputable.

Speaking to Armenian press, Amal Clooney responded the campaign to discredit her that has been carried out in Azerbaijan. “In fact, I am not Armenian descent, but I cannot understand why it is important. However, the fact that I defended Armenia doesn't make me Armenian. Just like I didn't become Cambodian because I defended Cambodia in International Court of Justice or I am not Greek, because I consulted the Greek government.”

Clooney represented Armenia, which was one of the intervening parties in Perinçek-Switzerland case that was tried in ECHR Grand Chamber. 

Amal Clooney's husband, actor and human rights activist George Clooney supports the “100 Lives” initiative which was started by Russian-Armenian businessman Ruben Vardanyan. This year, 100 Lives initiative will give Aurora Award for Awakening Humanity for the first time. This award is named after Aurora Mardiganian, who was one of the survivors of genocide.

Making a statement about this issue by a letter, journalist İsmailova said, "I didn't ask about the nationality of Clooney, because in civilized countries, people don't ask such questions. I chose her, because she defended journalists before and I am very glad with the defence she presented."

Amal Clooney presented a defence for İsmailova in EHCR on Monday. 


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