Armenian courts keep still about the femicides

After the brutal murder that was committed in Armenia a few days ago, the country started to discuss violence against women and the attitude of police forces and the courts toward femicides.

On July 8, in Armenian capital Yerevan, Taguhi Mansuryan and her family attacked by her ex-husband with an ax. Taguhi's mother died at the scene. Taguhi's father is still in ICU. 

After getting divorced, Taguhi Mansuryan have been subjected to violence and threats by her ex-husband Vladik Martirosyan. Speaking after the attack, Women's Resource Center, which was providing support to Taguhi Mansuryan, stated that the police forces haven't helped Taguhi Mansuryan, though she turned to police forces several times for the safety of herself and her family. According to the representatives of Women's Resource Center, Taguhi reported that she came across with her ex-husband, he threatened her and attacked her and her family, a week before the final attack.

This murder started the debates on male violence and domestic violence in Yerevan. It is once again emphasized that the men who kill their wives and girlfriends go on with their lives without getting punished. People started to share the photos of judges and prosecutors who don't convict the violent men on their social media accounts.

Between February and April 2015, Taguhi was attacked by her ex-husband at least 3 times and turned to the police with her fractured bones and bruises. The court decided that Taguhi was subjected to violence of Vladik Martirosyan and these attacks caused health problems. Despite this decision, the court sentenced Martirosyan to 6 months in prison and this punishment was revoked before he is arrested. Getting no punishment for the systematic violence that he has been imposing, Martirosyan, by a brutal attack, murdered Taguhi's mother and gravely wounded Taguhi and her father. 

Men killed 30 women in 5 years

Impunity in domestic violence is not something new for Armenia.

3 years ago, Volodya Muradyan killed his wife by stabbing her 21 times in front of her children and he was sentenced to only 3.5 years in prison. 

Women rights defenders and activists in Armenia point out that such attacks can only be prevented with a law against domestic violence. However, in 2013, Armenian government rejected the resolution for such a law. 

Between 2010 and 2015, 30 women were killed by men. This numbers increased day by day. 


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