Armed group stormed police station in Yerevan

An armed group stormed a police station in Armenian capital Yerevan. It is reported that there are 7 hostages. A police officer was killed and 2 people are injured.

Early in the morning, an armed group stormed a police station in Yerevan.

According to arm.times, there are 7 hostages. Though the identities of the hostages are not revealed yet, it is claimed that one of the hostages is the Deputy Chief of Police Valery Osipyan. It is also reported that the hostage crisis left one dead and 2 injured.

According to the National Security Service of Armenia, 2 hostages have been released. NSS also stated that the situation is under control and they are taking the necessary actions.

It is reported that the armed group demand the release of Jirair Sefilian, who is a member of opposing “Nor Hayastan” (New Armenia) group. He was arrested on June 22.

Around 10.40 am, after the hostage crisis was covered by media, social media was banned in Armenia for about an hour.

NSS also stated that the supporters of the armed group are spreading misinformation on mass media and social networks.

The armed group released a statement saying "Jirair Sefilian and his supporters have been peacefully trying to change the situation in Armenia. As a result, Sefilian is arrested and his supporters are oppressed." The group also stated that they started a rebellion, took the police station in Erebuni neighborhood, which is also under their control.

It is also reported that an editor of Asbarez newspaper is detained after sharing group's statement online.


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