WORLD Agreement in Jarablus: buffer zone for Turkey, canton for Kurds

Jarablus operation, which was launched against ISIS but also targeted Kurdish military forces, continues. However, some sources claim that the US, Iran and Russia came to an agreement in Jarablus, or northern Syria, and Turkey and PYD accepted the conditions of this agreement. According to this alleged agreement, Turkey will stay in Jarablus and Kurds will be able to connect Kobani and Afrin cantons through Al-Bab.

With the deal made between Turkey and Israel, “humanitarian aid” to Gaza Strip is brought to the agenda once again. On the other hand, a joint Palestinian and Israeli project, which has been going on since 2002, tries to find a more permanent solution to the crisis in the region. The book titled as "Learning Each Others Historical Narrative" offers a new model for history textbooks used in Palestinian and Israeli schools. Project's co-director Sami Adwan told about this model.
WORLD Brexit decision heralds division, confusion and racism

This anti-elite uprising, however, has been carefully guided and spurred on by media and political elites in Britain for years. Scapegoating of migrants, particularly those from the EU, forced on the UK by supposedly draconian policies from Brussels, has reigned supreme for well over a decade. The familiar argument that migration is a drain on British jobs and resources has been spurred on by the most widely read newspapers in the UK, with centre, right, and sometimes leftist politicians fanning the flames.