WORLD Displays of solidarity across the world: “We are all Charlie”

The attack carried out on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo continues to be widely condemned. Solidarity messages on social media have used the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie while the National Union of French Journalists called for a vigil in the name of press freedom and democracy at 5 PM local time at the Place de la Republique, Paris.
WORLD 2014: Bloodiest year so far in Syria

According to the report released by the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 2014 has been the bloodiest year in the civil war in Syria that began in March 2011. According to the report, 76,021 people lost their lives in Syria in 2014.
AGENDA Turkey’s ‘100th Anniversary action plan’

Declarations made at the 7th Ambassadors Conference have revealed Turkey’s ‘action plan’ for the 100th anniversary of the Genocide. According to the plan, the ‘leaving the issue to historians’ thesis will once again take centre stage, and church renovations will be underlined. Foreign commission members state that they will carry out ‘stunning’ lobbying efforts abroad.
AGENDA “Armenian Question no wild card”

Speaking at a symposium, Archbishop Aram Ateşyan, Deputy Patriarch of Turkey Armenians said “It is high time to stop the Armenian Question being used across international platforms as a wild card, as the Joker in a card deck”.
WORLD Secret Ankara-Paris correspondence prior to cancellation of denial law

Secret electronic correspondence related to the ‘Genocide Law’ that was cancelled by the Constitutional Council of France after being accepted by the Parliament of France has been published. The correspondence between former AKP Member of Parliament Yaşar Yakış and member of the Constitutional Council of France Hubert Haenel have fanned the flames about the debate over the activities of the Turkish lobby in France.
PRESS Dutch journalist Geerdink released

Frederike Geerdink, the only foreign journalist based in Diyarbakır and known for her comprehensive research and articles on the Kurdish issue, was detained today by an Anti-Terror Squad that raided her home. Geerdink was later released after providing a statement.
MINORITIES Yetvart Danzikyan: Davutoğlu’s “family” dinner

Yetvart Danzikyan on the official dinner Prime Minister Davutoğlu held for religious leaders: “This is, of course, a positive meeting, and the messages that have come out of the dinner are also positive. However, regarding the issue of representation, one must accept that there is something strange about the other side of the dinner table. It is part of the job of the Prime Minister to hold such meetings, but once you describe it as a “family” dinner, we have to ask what kind of family we are talking about here, and about those who have been left out.”
TURKEY “This is a family dinner”

Prime Minister came together with representatives of minority communities at an official dinner held in Istanbul: “Our main watchword will continue to be the principle of equal citizenship”