NEWS Lom or Bosha people from past to present

Meline Anumyan from Research Center for Studies of Western Armenians' Problems published her study on Lom (Bosha) people in Artvin and Rize. Visitng Artvin and Rize on November 2016, Anumyan's work is based on Lom people's current way of life and perception of their identities. We talked to Anumyan about Lom people who are unknown by many people.
NEWS “I learned Turkish for understanding what my ancestors went through”

Taner Akçam’s book “Forced Islamization of Armenians: Silence, Denial and Assimilation”, which was published in Turkish in 2014, is translated to Eastern Armenian. We talked to Turcologist Meline Anumyan, the translator of the book, about Turcology studies in Armenia and the translation of Turkish books to Armenian.