Two Armenian MPs in Iranian parliament

On February 26, parliamentary election was held in Islamic Republic of Iran and 2 Armenian MPs are elected to the parliament.

Armenian MPs are elected from southern and northern regions, where Armenian population is dense. 

According to Armenpress' report, 6 Armenians were candidate from the northern region and then 3 of them withdrew. Karen Khanlaryan is elected to the parliament with 74% of the votes. 

On the southern region, 3 Armenians were candidate and Jorj Abrahamyan is elected to the parliament, after other candidates withdrew. 

31 million Iranian citizens out of 55 million participated in the election.

It is stated that Armenian community participated in the elections in a high level. In the northern region, 12.000 Armenians voted, whereas 2.000 Armenians voted in the southern region. 


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