Zenit: I wrote “he will be killed”, but it was changed

On the second day of hearings, the cross examination of Muhittin Zenit, who was an officer in Trabzon Intelligence Branch at the time of murder, is continued. Zenit said, “As an officer, I submitted my report as 'he will be killed'. It was redesigned by Engin Dinç and Özkan Mumcu.”

The second day of hearings of Hrant Dink case is continued with the examination of Muhittin Zenit.

Arrested suspects Ali Fuat Yılmazer, Ramazan Akyürek and Ercan Demir are present at the hearing. Other suspects who are under arrest because of other charges, are attending the hearing through video call. Celalettin Cerrah, Sabri Uzun, Ahmet İlhan Güler, Reşat Altay and Faruk Sarı are also present.

Lawyers of Dink family Bahri Belen, Hakan Bakırcıoğlu, Sebu Aslangil, Emel Ataktürk Sevimli and İnci İşbulur are also present.

Muhittin Zenit was examined by the court and lawyers of Dink family. Today, he is also examined by defense counsel and suspects. 

There is master-apprentice relationship in the intelligence branches

The prosecutor reminded the fact that Zenit was wiretapped by the Directorate of Intelligence after he started to work in Ankara and asked him whether he felt any oppression. Zenit said, “Those tapes haven't influenced me in any way. This is done by a force who regards its own employee as a terrorist.”

Talking about the missing intelligence reports, Zenit stated: “There is master-apprentice relationship in the intelligence branches. Mehmet Ayhan, Onur Karakaya, Özkan Mumcu were our department heads and we wrote those reports together. Why am I called to account?” Claiming that they don't write a new report if there is no new information, Zenit said, “We didn't take those reports, they should be in the archive. I have nothing to hide.”

It is better to write it dully

Zenit is also asked about the change in the report that he wrote; Zenit had written “he will be killed” and then it was changed to “an impactful action”. Answering this question, Zenit stated, “As an officer, I submitted my report as 'he will be killed'. It was redesigned by Engin Dinç and Özkan Mumcu.” After that, Özkan Mumcu began to speak and said, “Engin Dinç, our chief, said that it is better to write it dully. He made some changes and prepared the official report that was sent to Istanbul.” 

Then, Ali Fuat Yılmazer asked some questions about the relationship between Erhan Tuncel and Muhittin Zenit. Zenit said, “I hadn't heard your name until January 19, when Engin Dinç said that you will call me.”

Deleted information

Yılmazer said that he made the summaries of intelligence reports deleted as a precaution. “I prevented all the provincial branches from accessing the information, because we had been trying to catch the perpetrator. They must have been restored later.”

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