NEWS A walk of solidarity from Jordan to Croatia

Croatian Goran Blažević began a journey for drawing attention to the problems of the refugees. In this 5-month journey from Jordan to his homeland, Blažević follows the route that refugees use for going to Europe. Blažević is in Turkey in these days.
NEWS Amnesty International: selfishness of rich countries making the crisis even worse

Amnesty International released a report assessing the global refugee crisis. Titled as “Tackling the Global Refugee Crisis from Shirking to Sharing”, the report summarizes the severity of the global refugee crisis. The report includes situation analyses of different regions and points out developed countries' failure in sharing responsibility. Amnesty International also provides some proposals for resolving this crisis.
NEWS Genocide item in the refugee negotiation with Germany

Spiegel newspaper claimed that the discussion about the Armenian Genocide draft in Bundestag is postponed for now. It was also claimed that Erdoğan laid down some conditions (3 billion Euros from Brussels, provide convenience for receiving visa, declaring that Turkey is a safe country and invitation for EU summits) for stopping the refugee traffic.