CHURCHES Ateşyan finally steps down

General Vicar of Armenian Patriarch of Turkey Archbishop Aram Ateşyan announced that he resigned in a meeting with some foundation executives and benefactors. Ateşyan also sent an official letter to Değabah Bekçiyan, informing that Bekçiyan has the responsibility to carry out the election process and he will hand over the administrative duties. It is expected that the process will accelerate now.
CHURCHES People keep protesting Ateşyan

Protests against Aram Ateşyan, who maintains his seat as General Vicar of the Patriarch, continued this week. People gathered in front of Feriköy Surp Vartanants Church for staging protest.
SPORT Hrant Dink commemorated in Euro Armenian Games

Two teams from Istanbul gained success in Euro Armenian Games which was held in Geneva between April 14 and 16. “Sassoun Lugano” team from Switzerland featured Hrant Dink's photo on their uniform.