CHURCHES Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

A historical event happened in 7th century (628) is the source of celebration of Khachverats (the Exaltation of the Holy Cross), which is one of the five major holidays of our church. Before the feast that will be celebrated in our churches on Sunday, it is better to remember the historical background.
SOCIETY In pursuit of a solution for the decrease in the Armenian population in Turkey

General Vicar of the Patriarch Archbishop Aram Ateşyan, Bishop Sahag Maşalyan, Representative of Minority (Community) Foundations and Council Member of the Directorate General of Foundations Toros Alcan DDS PhD and Samatya Surp Kevork High School Chairman Yesayi Demir spoke to Agos about the concerns about the decreasing population.
YOUTH Western Armenian on Wikipedia

Held in Cadaval district of Portugal, “Wikicamp 2016” enabled young people to write Wikipedia articles in Western Armenian and to express themselves. Sevan Değirmenciyan writes his experience in the camp.
YOUTH First group going to TUMO from Istanbul delighted

For the first time, a group of students from Istanbul went to TUMO Center for Creative Technologies in Armenia. Students from 14 countries, including Egypt, USA, Russia, France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Lebanon attended the summer camp between July 17 and 30. 14 students from Istanbul were also there.
SOCIETY Price of establishing a pork packing plant in Turkey

Investor Gencay Tunç (Garabed Varujan Husigyan) established a large pig farm and packing plant in Bolu in order to produce pork products. However, Tunç was faced with unimaginable bureaucratic obstacles and he couldn't have managed to open his completed facility.
SOCIETY Turkish-Armenian dialogue in Switzerland

In Caux town of Switzerland, Armenian, Kurdish and Turkish participants discussed the Armenian Genocide, their common past, current situation and ways of reconciliation. As part of “Just Governance for Human Security” conference, people from Armenia, Turkey, Lebanon, Spain and Netherlands discussed historical problems among Armenian, Turkish and Kurdish people, and ways for resolving those problems today.
FOUNDATIONS Agos headline:  demand of election at the door

A group of people from different circles of Armenian society gathered in front of the Patriarchate and demand a patriarchal election, which couldn’t have been done for 8 years. The group placed a black wreath on the door.