SCHOOLS Kamp Armen waits for its deed

The process for the return of Kamp Armen has reached the final stage, however, the necessary procedures have not been fulfilled. Official procedures need to be completed for the deed to be registered under the foundation’s name.
CHURCHES 12 Dersim Armenians baptized to complete return to their identity

Following a six-month course of church doctrine and basic knowledge of Christian belief, 12 more Dersim Armenians took their first step back to Christianity with a collective baptism ceremony. Two married couples also held religious engagement ceremonies following the baptism ceremony held on 9 May 2015, Saturday at the Yeşilköy Surp Istepanos Church.
SCHOOLS What do the organizers of the #KampArmen say?

Civilian society organizations who have organized the resistance at Tuzla since 6 May, Wednesday, when the demolition of Kamp Armen began, and have continued their vigil since, spoke about their demands.
SCHOOLS Tuzla Camp: Return of camp deed demanded

While reactions to the demolition of Camp Armen mount, and the vigil at the camp site against demolition continues, attempts for a solution have also begun. The matter is on the government’s agenda, and AKP parliamentary candidate Markar Esayan has stated that he has spoken with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu on the issue, and that has work towards a solution has begun. The Armenian community is hopeful yet cautious. The demand is not for expropriation but for the return of the camp deed to the Church Foundation.
SCHOOLS “This story must not end here”

A gathering was organized at Kamp Armen, which still faces the threat of demolition, after activists and the public thwarted the initial attempt. Speaking at the gathering, Rakel Dink said, “This story must not end here”.
SCHOOLS Yervant Dink: A grave sin to pay for

By universal law, the definition of seizing a camp created by the sweat of children’s brows, in the simplest terms, is ‘usurpation’. The State has usurped Kamp Armen. And everyone should know very well that this is a terribly grave sin to pay for.
SCHOOLS Rakel Dink: This is murder

On the one hand, in view of all that we have experienced over the years, there is nothing to be surprised. On the other hand, if we are still surprised, it is an embarrassment for all of us. An embarrassment for Turkey.