Arson attack on Kadıköy Church

Last night an arson attack took place on the Aya Triada Church in Kadıköy.

A person who entered the courtyard by climbing over the wall of the Aya Triada Greek Orthodox Church in Kadıköy, Caferağa Bahariye Boulevard Nispetiye (Hacı Şükrü) Street, poured the thinner in a jerry can he was carrying on the iron door of the church and set it on fire.

Citizens in the vicinity captured the attacker. The flames were extinguished before the fire brigade arrived. 

Police detained the suspect, Muhammed Ş., taking him to the police station.

Konstantin Kiracopolos of the Kadıköy Greek Orthodox Community Churches, Schools and Cemetery Foundation spoke to members of the press an stated that the suspect had claimed he had dreamed of Jesus Christ and decided to set fire to the church.

Kiracopolos said that the door the suspect tried to set on fire was not being use, and that they had filed a criminal complaint about the suspect.

‘I hope this is not a sign of things to come’

Commenting later on the incident, Prof. Dr. Yorgo Istefanopulos, President of the Kadıköy Greek Orthodox Community Churches, Schools and Cemetery Foundation, provided AGOS with more information on the attack:

“It was late evening when an attacker shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ poured the thinner in the can he had on the church door and set it on fire. The attacker was captured by shopkeepers in the vicinity of the church.”

Istefanopulos said that eyewitnesses had reported there was another individual involved in the incident; who was waiting for the attacker.

Istefanopulos criticized politicians, stating, “All citizens must be taught that minorities have equal citizenship rights. If the Prime Minister of the country goes on television to say, “Excuse me, but Armenian, I apologize, but Greek,” then that’s what the general public will learn. [CHP Leader] Kılıçdaroğlu filed a lawsuit against those who said he had Armenian ancestry. Yet political leaders bear a great duty and responsibility.” 



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