MAKING A DIFFERENCE Time for Saroyan Library in Bitlis

A new library in Bitlis will be named after William Saroyan. Journalist Ahmet Tulgar, who came up with the idea, reports that he met with Bitlis Co-Mayor Hüseyin Olan and discussed the idea for a library.
MAKING A DIFFERENCE Dadyan emerges from beneath Balyan

The gravestone rendered illegible because it was left beneath Garabet Balyan’s gravestone has been identified as Simon Amira Dadyan’s. Both gravestones have been taken into preservation at the Archaeological Museum to be returned to the Armenian community.
CHURCHES Armenians in Anatolia wait for clergy

Although there are Armenian churches in Diyarbakır, Van and Kayseri, regular mass cannot be held because religious clergy is not appointed by the Patriarchate. There are no permanent religious officials in churches in Turkey apart from the churches in Istanbul and the church in İskenderun.
CHURCHES “Armenian Question no wild card”

Speaking at a symposium, Archbishop Aram Ateşyan, Deputy Patriarch of Turkey Armenians said “It is high time to stop the Armenian Question being used across international platforms as a wild card, as the Joker in a card deck”.
CHURCHES Suspect confusion at Kadıköy Church arson case

Arson, not an accident, was the cause of the fire that broke out on the night of December 7, Sunday, at the building that is home to KKBD (Holy Bible Society) and KUT (Kadıköy International Community Church). According to Pam Ohanyan of KUT, thousands of Holy Books and CDs were destroyed in the fire that broke out on the floor where the library of the church was also located.
CHURCHES Patriarch of Jerusalem Speaks out against Karekin II

A letter penned by the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem Nourhan Manougian addressed to Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II about lowering of the status of the Jerusalem Patriarchate to a Diocese has created great debate in the Armenian Church.
FOUNDATIONS Minority Representative to be Armenian

The agenda of the meeting of the Interfoundational Solidarity Platform (VADİP) held on 17 November 2014 was the Minority Foundations Representative elections. The elections will be held on 28 December, and a total of 125 Greek, Armenian, Jewish and Syriac foundations will vote, the minority representative to replace Laki Vingas is expected to be Armenian.