Aleppo’s oldest Armenian Church bombed

The Armenian Apostolic Karasnits Mangants Church, Aleppo’s oldest Armenian Church has been targeted in a bomb attack.

Details of the attack that took place on April 26 remain unclear as some sources state that a tunnel was dug under the church to place bombs, while other sources have reported that the church was targeted by artillery fire.

According to the report of Armenpress, the news of the church’s bombing was confirmed by Zhirayr Reisyan, Bishop of the Armenians of Syria Apostolic Church.

The history of the Karasnits Mangats Church goes back to the 15th century, making it the oldest Armenian church in the city. The church is believed to have been founded by Armenians of Iran, and in the year 2000, its 500th anniversary had been celebrated. The ceremony that took place on April 26, which coincides with the date it was demolished, had been led by Catholicos Aram I. The church was an important religious centre of the Armenian community of Syria.

Four months before the bombing of the Karasnits Mangats Church, first the St. Rita Armenian Catholic Church, and then the Armenian Genocide Church in Deir ez-Zor, built in memory of the victims of the Genocide had been bombed.


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