Patriarchate issues invite to April 24 mass

The Armenian Patriarchate of Turkey has issued an invite via its official Facebook page for broad participation at mass to be held on 24 April, Friday, at the Kumkapı Virgin Mary Patriarchate Church.

The invite issued via the official Facebook account of the Patriarchate presented details of mass to be held on April 24. The statement explained that the Church continued to celebrate Easter for forty days after the Feast of the Holy Resurrection (Easter), adding that “the commemoration of those who fell victim in the name of their faith during World War I, and that of the martyrs recently declared saints corresponds to the same period”.

Deputy Patriarch Archbishop Aram Ateşyan will direct the ceremony, and he will also present the sermon. All clerics affiliated with the Patriarchate will be present at the Badarak mass, where the ‘United Choir’ of Armenian Choirs in Istanbul conducted by Hagop Mamigonyan will sing hymns.

The statement said that “Badarak mass was the most correct method to commemorate the martyrs and commune with their souls” and expressed a desire for the participation of all foundations, institutions and the community.



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