YOUTH Learning Armenian is more colorful with Lala and Ara

A new application aiming for teaching Armenian to native Armenian speaker children and younger kids who don’t speak Armenian is released. ‘Kouynerou Ashkhar’ (Kuyneru Aşkhar; World of Colors) can be downloaded free.
CHURCHES Churches in Istanbul met on “Christianity with its Basic Principles”

On October 15, Fener Rum Orthodox Patriarchate, under the leadership of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, hosted a meaningful meeting with the participation of the representatives from all churches. The prominent figures from the churches in Turkey gathered together for the launching meeting of “Christianity with its Basic Principles” which is to be expected to lead important developments in the Christian community.
SOCIETY He was on the front, while his family was subjected to deportation

The biography of Dr. Avedis Cebeciyan is compiled from the book that his son, Robert Cebeciyan, wrote and published in Aleppo in 1999: “Autobiography, Memoirs and Activities of Robert Cebeciyan”. In the book, there is also an introduction by Prof. Ayhan Aktar that is titled “War and Genocide Diary of Dr. Cebeciyan”.
SOCIETY The ideal athlete: Smart, agile and not Armenian

The Genocide Museum in Yerevan hosted an exhibition that is titled “Armenian Sport and Gymnastics in the Ottoman Empire”. The museum director Hayk Demoyan, who wrote a book bearing the same title with the exhibition, and 80-years-old grandson of Shavarsh Qrisian, who were issuing Marmnamarz magazine during Ottoman period and exiled to Ayash in 1915, attended the opening of the exhibition. Alin Ozinian, by way of this exhibition, observes how the Armenians’ contribution to the sports culture of these lands was excluded from the official history and she makes room for a reckoning that is related to remembrance, oblivion and forgiveness.
SOCIETY The ceremony at the Akhtamar is cancelled

The ceremony that was planned to be conducted on September 6 in The Church of the Holy Cross on Akhtamar Island is cancelled due to security concerns. Many people from Armenia and Armenian Diaspora was expected to attend the ceremony that has been conducted since 2011.
YOUTH Kamp Armen attacked

Kamp Armen Solidarity members were attacked on the hundredth day of their live-in demonstration. Two activists were attacked and beaten with sticks.