Statement from the Patriarchate: don't believe the unsubstantiated rumors

Armenian society is also nervous about the recent suicide attacks. The Patriarchate made a statement to Agos about the rumors concerning the Easter that will be celebrated on next Sunday.

Terrorist attacks in Turkey and in the world makes Armenian society nervous as well. Palm Sunday (Dzağgazart), the feast  that commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, couldn't have been celebrated last week in 3 churches in Taksim, where a suicide attack took place last Saturday. Same day, a ceremony that was planned to be held in the Armenian church in Ortaköy was also canceled. After these developments, rumors claiming that the churches are not safe and there might be attacks duirng Easter celebrations began to be spread among Armenian society. It is even claimed that the Patriarchate received a tip and a religious official declared it during Sunday ceremony. 

Agos contacted to Generel Vicar of Patriarch Aram Ateşyan and asked about these rumors. He said that these rumors are unsubstantiated. 

Here is Ateşyan's statement, who went to Bakırköy Surp Asdvadzadzin Church for a ceremony:

"Patriarchate hasn't received such an information or tip. I spoke to the mentioned religious official. Contrary to the rumors, he said that he pointed out the fact that the churches are full despite the attacks and he appreciate it on the recent Sunday ceremony. He doesn't know the source of this rumor, but he said that he has been receiving a lot of phone calls. Thus, I advise our congregants not to believe the unsubstantiated rumors and to go to churches on Sunday tranquilly."