CHURCHES Savior's birth as a refugee

On the occasion of Surp Dzınunt feast, Bishop Sahak Maşalyan assessed the meaning of Jesus Christ's birth in a barn in Bethlehem and its message for the present day.
SOCIETY “We did what we had to do”

The Armenian Patriarchate of Turkey made an important decision concerning the patriarchal election. With the decision of the Clerical Assembly, the process of election has officially started. Leading the meeting of the Assembly, Bishop Sahak Mashalian answered the questions concerning the background of this decision and the course of the election process. He stated that a committee consisting of clerics will apply for election.
SOCIETY Bombs hit Armenian neighborhoods in Aleppo

On September 30, Armenian neighborhoods Nor Gyuğ (new village) and Villa had been hit by rockets, killing 11 Armenians and wounding 11. People also are wounded in the attacks on October 3.
CHURCHES Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

A historical event happened in 7th century (628) is the source of celebration of Khachverats (the Exaltation of the Holy Cross), which is one of the five major holidays of our church. Before the feast that will be celebrated in our churches on Sunday, it is better to remember the historical background.
SOCIETY In pursuit of a solution for the decrease in the Armenian population in Turkey

General Vicar of the Patriarch Archbishop Aram Ateşyan, Bishop Sahag Maşalyan, Representative of Minority (Community) Foundations and Council Member of the Directorate General of Foundations Toros Alcan DDS PhD and Samatya Surp Kevork High School Chairman Yesayi Demir spoke to Agos about the concerns about the decreasing population.