Rakel Dink: This is murder

On the one hand, in view of all that we have experienced over the years, there is nothing to be surprised. On the other hand, if we are still surprised, it is an embarrassment for all of us. An embarrassment for Turkey.


And it takes a miracle to observe our conduct in the face of all this. The demolition of the camp is murder. They have murdered life itself. The state boasts about its democracy, about its law. Now they can come and watch the demolition. Our struggle for camp has continued for years. Now we know, it meant absolutely nothing. I know we must act in goodness when we are faced with evil acts. That is the dignified way… However, I also know the high cost of remaining dignified. They denied 1915. They are demolishing the camp in 2015, so now they can come and deny this as well. There are so many memories, and the labour of so many children there. Do they have no conscience at all? Do they have no respect at all for labour? Is it impossible, on the basis of citizens’ rights, to access anyone in charge to halt this injustice? Does one need special telephone numbers, special relations to create awareness? This is an inhumane act. You know they ask the dying what their final wish is… Kamp Armen’s survival was one of my husband’s greatest, first desires… Now, I watch the camp’s demolition with hurt in my heart.


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