CHURCHES Investigation on “missing painting” continues

In the Armenian press, there have been reports claiming that Vicar Patriarch Aram Ateşyan testified as part of the investigation on a painting that was disappeared from Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul. Ateşyan said that he hasn’t testified, but filed a complaint two years ago.
NEWS Plunder, Famine and Destitution: The Figure of the Beggar from Van

Vazken Davidian made a presentation at “Van and the Region” conference organized by Hrant Dink Foundation and tried to provide an insight to the relationship between Ottoman Empire and Ottoman Armenians in a time of complicated ideological transformations. Here is a broad summary of the presentation by Davidian, who says that “The Figure of the Beggar from Van personified the economic wretchedness and misery of Ottoman Armenia on the streets and the hans [slums] of the imperial capital.”
SPECIAL REPORTS Armenian Genocide recorded in historical drawings

Killings of Armenian people in Anatolia started in 1890 and reached its peak in 1909 Adana Massacre and 1915 Armenian Genocide. This tragic history is not only recorded by witnesses, but also by the striking caricatures published in the newspapers and humor magazines. On the occasion of 101st anniversary of the genocide, here is a collection of such caricatures selected by caricaturist-artist Vrej Kassouny.