Sis Case: Cilicia Catholicosate to hold press conference in Istanbul

Aram I, Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia, met with the lawsuit committee regarding the Catholicosate’s appeal to the Constitutional Court for the return of the Catholicosate’s properties in Sis (Kozan).

The Cilicia Catholicosate, the second largest centre of the Armenian Apostolic Church based in Antelias, Lebanon, had previously filed an appeal at the Constitutional Court for the return of its properties in Sis (Kozan). The Catholicosate requested the return of its identified properties and in the case of failure of identification, a compensation of 100 million TL. This also became the first instance where a case of property seizure has been brought to the Constitutional Court.

According to the statement published on the Cilicia Catholicosate web site, Aram I also focused on the appeal process to the Constitutional Court during his visit to the USA. Aram I came together with historian Prof. Taner Akçam who is a member of the lawsuit committee and received information about the lawsuit process.

According to the statement, the focus of the meeting was the importance of monitoring the judicial process.

The Cilicia Catholicosate will also hold a press conference in Istanbul regarding the property return lawsuit. No date has yet been set for the conference, however it was announced that it would be held before the June 7 general elections.


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