HDP MP Erol Dora returns to Kamp Armen in meaningful visit

HDP Mardin Member of Parliament Erol Dora and HDP Istanbul 3rd zone parliamentary candidate Assyrian lawyer Erkan Metin visited Kamp Armen today.

During their visit to Kamp Armen HDP Mardin MP Erol Dora and HDP parliamentary candidate Erkan Metin received information from Nor Zartonk activists, the Kamp Armen Solidarity and HDP Tuzla officials about the 13-day resistance that has continued at the campsite.

Dora, one of the thousands of children who was raised and received education at the camp, made a statement following his visit, saying, “Expropriation is not a solution, the deed must be returned to its real owners”.

“Kamp Armen will show whether Turkey has really changed”

Dora's statement continued as follows:  

“Anyone who develops a construction project at this site will reap no benefit. If the owner has a modicum of conscience, he will return the deed. I hope this forcibly seized property is returned to its rightful owners as soon as possible so it can once again become a place where children laugh and play, and receive education. I congratulate Nor Zartonk, Kamp Armen Solidarity, the HDP Tuzla District Organization and everyone who has strived to save the camp. Has Turkey changed? Kamp Armen will be a significant symbol that provides an answer to that question.”


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