Respect to children’s rights necessitates return of Kamp Armen

The Children’s Foundation has published a statement about Kamp Armen underlining the fact that respect to children and their rights necessitates the return of the camp to its true and rightful owners.

The Children’s Foundation’s statement calling for an end to the unjust treatment regarding Tuzla Children’s Camp is as follows:

“Following the seizure by the State of the Tuzla Children’s Camp on the pretext of the 1936 Declaration, the camp had been returned to its former owner, and the camp has changed hands 7 times since. This was carried out in line with the local court ruling approved by the Court of Cassation in 1987, and on the basis of the Law on Foundations to which the Foundations General Directorate adheres.

The State must return the Tuzla Children’s Camp, also known as Kamp Armen, to its true and rightful owners. This immovable asset is a site that occupies a place in the memories of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Therefore, whatever its current legal status may be, the State must display its sensitivity regarding its citizens, and secure the protection of the site, if necessary through expropriation; and thus do what respect to children and children’s rights necessitates.”


Society Youth