Investigation against Ragıp Zarakolu

An investigation against publisher, journalist and human rights activist Ragıp Zarakolu is launched.

The investigation is launched because of Roj TV’s interview with him in 2010 and he is accused of “being a member of a terror organization.”

Public Prosecutor of Ankara launched an investigation in 2010 and the prosecutor Ramazan Dinç turned it into a new investigation file under the title of “Crimes against Constitutional Order”.

On Public Prosecutor of Ankara’s demand, Ragıp Zarakolu gave a statement in İstanbul.

9 other journalists are in the investigation file because of the same accusation.

Founded by Zarakolu, Belge Publishing made a statement about this issue saying that there is no information or record about this interview in the investigation file, but he is still accused of being a member of a terrorist organization.

Belge Publishing, in the statement, asserted the following claim: the co-founder of Belge Publishing with his late wife Ayşe Nur Zarakolu, Ragıp Zarakolu was one of the speakers of Global Forum in Erivan and he has been fighting against the denial of genocide since ‘90s. After his speech in Erivan on April 22-23, this old investigation reawakened.

Not the first time

On October 2011, Zarakolu was arrested with the accusation of helping a terror organization and he was released after 5 months. The reason for the arrestment was a speech that he made at the opening of Politics Academy (siyaset akademesi) that was founded by BDP.



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