Half of the US doesn’t “recognize” the genocide

According to the research that is carried by Zogby Analytics, only the 35% of the Americans knows about the Armenian Genocide.

First time in the US, a research for evaluating the extent of Americans’ knowledge and awareness about the Armenian Genocide was carried. According to the research of Zogby Analytics, one of the most prominent research centers in the country, only 35% of the people in the US said that they know about the Armenian Genocide. %50 of the people who participated in the survey said that they haven’t heard of the Armenian Genocide before. And 15% of them said that they aren’t sure if they have heard of it before.

Here are some results of Zogby Analytics’ research.

*People between the ages of 25 and 34 have more information about the genocide, whereas people between 35 and 53 are the ones who are the least knowledgeable about this.

*Hispanic Americans know more about the genocide compared to the “Whites”; African and Asian Americans are the least knowledgeable group.

*Catholics know more about the genocide compared to Protestants.

*People on the west coast know more about the genocide compared to the people on the east coast, and the people who live at the center and south of the country know less.

*People with higher incomes (more than 100.000 dollars) knows more about the genocide

*46.5% thinks that the US should make a call to Turkey for recognizing the genocide. 39% thinks that the Congress should pass the bill about the Armenian Genocide.

*The participants are equally ignorant about the genocide regardless of their political choices. Liberals are slightly more knowledgeable about the genocide compared to conservatives and most of the supporters of “Tea Party” and “Occupy Wall Street” movements know about the Armenian Genocide. 




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