Missile attack in Kesab

Mostly populated by Armenians, Kesab town was struck with two missiles. There is no casualties.

On January 20 around 15.15, two BM-21 Grad missiles struck at Kesab town in Syria. There is no casualties.

According to Aleppo based Kantsasar newspaper, the missiles were fired from Keless and Mazraat region near Turkish border, which is 15 kilometers way from Kesab.

One of the missiles hit near the mosque, the other hit the backstreet of Surp Yerrortutyun Church. 

One person was injured and the buildings were damaged. It is estimated that 1500 Armenians live in Kesab.

In 2014, ISIS seized Kesab and some people migrated to Lazkiye. On July 2014, Esad's army took the town back.


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