Pakrat Estukyan

Մենք ու մերոնք - Biz ve bizimkiler

The problem is simple but hard to solve

Turkey is one of the countries that jumps from agenda to agenda very fast. Many issues with vital importance cannot be addressed because of this rapid change of agenda. Furthermore, the reason of this political flux is incomprehensible for most people. What is the real cause of the “elected prime minister” Davutoğlu's sudden transformation to “the former prime minister”? It was bewildering to witness the overthrowing of the prime minister and dismissal of the glorious government. And then, we met the assigned prime minister and his cabinet. What are the reasons of the president for doing such a thing?

As long as we don't understand why the result of the election held on June 7 is ignored, this question wouldn't mean anything. We should remember that the result of that election was a total frustration for Erdoğan who demanded 400 seats in the parliament. He did whatever he can for preventing HDP from passing the election threshold, but HDP got 13% of the votes. With the 80 HDP members elected to the parliament, the rise of AKP was stopped. For the first time since 2002, Tayyip's Party wasn't able to form a government by itself. On that point, President Erdoğan, ignoring all the tendencies, first caused a crisis in the government and then decided to hold a new election like a killjoy child. Since he knew that the result won't change in 6 months under the current conditions, he dragged the country into a war and consequently got back the votes that he lost on June 7. And AKP was able to form a government by itself once again. In fact, on this point, “AKP” was an empty name. As a matter of fact, during the extraordinary congress of AKP held in May 22, Bekir Bozdağ declared that their movement should be called “Tayyip's Party”. 

So, in the midst of these issues that wreck all the criteria of the reason, sense of decency, political morality and human dignity, some people went on a hunger strike hundreds of meters under the ground, since they cannot find a place for themselves on earth. And on the earth, where “Tayyip's Party” forms governments and distributes ministries, “rented labor” practice is supported with laws. This is a more aggravated and generalized version of contract labor.

And child abuse continues to show its disgusting face in various public spheres from the dormitories of the Islamic foundations to refugee camps. 

However, all these issues with vital importance become invisible because of the shadow of the issues like who is excluded from the new cabinet and who is the new favorite.

Nowadays, pro-governmental media organs are doing whatever they can to prove how the system they define as “dual” causes instability in the country. Actually, what they deem “dual” is the essence of the parliamentary system. Until Erdoğan's presidency, the authority, power and responsibility of prime minister and president were determined by laws. However, Erdoğan attempted to act as the president he desires to become before the system is changed. Thus, he has not only exceeded his authority, but also caused usurpation of the authority. 

The problem is not the parliamentary system or the absence of presidency. The problem is the absence of any legal or administrative authority that can keep Erdoğan within his legal limits.