“It will pave the way for the Hague”

Armenian National Academy of Sciences Institute of Oriental Studies Director Ruben Safrastyan spoke to Civilnet about the voting in Bundestag.

Yesterday, Ruben Safrastyan spoke to Civilnet about the voting of the genocide resolution in Bundestag. Here are his statements:

“Germany was a major accomplice to the Armenian Genocide. As the ally of Ottoman Empire, Germany could have prevented the genocide, but hadn't done it. There are a lot of documents proving this fact; there are reports from German diplomats. This means that Germany hadn't prevented the genocide because of its own interests. This is a disgrace for Germany and German people. Armenians lost the majority of their motherland, where Armenian civilization had been living for centuries. They also lost 1.5 million people and got no compensation in return. Thus, recognition of the genocide is important for each fellow Armenian. With the recognition by powerful countries, it would be easier for us to appeal to the International Court of Justice in Hague. I am sure that the ones who govern Turkey now won't recognize the genocide. The younger generation may adopt a different attitude in the future, but the current Turkey won't recognize it. The Hague is a legal institution, but the attitude of the international public would influence them. There is nothing else to do, since it seems that we have no other way for recognition.”


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