Agos headline: we hope this malignity brings about election

In the headline of this week's Agos, there are reactions of Armenian society toward General Vicar of Armenian Patriarch in Turkey Archbishop Aram Ateşyan's letter to President Erdoğan. The editorial points at an election.

In this week's editorial, the patriarchal election is reminded with the wish of finding a silver lining in the clouds. 

Here is the editorial:

"For the last week, people have been expressing their reactions toward Archbishop Ateşyan's letter to President Erdoğan that he wrote about the decision of Bundestag. It can be said that it was a historical juncture in terms of the representation of Armenians in Turkey and the relations with the state. According to the foundation chairs' statements that they gave to Agos, Ateşyan also thinks that the process is going to the wrong direction. However, in the official statements made by patriarchal circles, there is an effort of defending the letter and they criticize the immoderate nature of the criticisms.

On the other hand, the bare truth stars in our faces. The society reached this point gradually. Above all, dragging the process of election in the patriarchate and foundations, and especially the delay of patriarchal election, caused a serious representation and legitimacy problem within the society. Reaching this point, the only thing that can be done is to look ahead and to try to obtain something good out of this malignity. And most probably, the first step is to have an elected patriarch. 'The traditional attitude' that was mentioned in the infamous letter requires this. From now on, no one should try to evade this responsibility, which is necessitated by this malignity.”