Friends of Hrant: They committed this murder all together

The trial of public officials continues in 14th High Penal Court today. Friends of Hrant was present in front of the court house before the hearings started.

Friends of Hrant made a statement to the press before the hearing.

Reading the statement on behalf of Friends of Hrant, Bülent Aydın reminded that it was revealed that some personnel from gendarmerie were in the crime scene during the murder. “We have been saying this for years, but of course we were not able to prove it. Now, some of those gendarmerie personnel are detained. This means that they kept their official duties for 9 years, after they got involved in the murder.”

It is also stated that the state tries to pin Dink murder on Gulenists: “There is no doubt that some people from Fethullah Gülen's circle are accomplices to this assassination. However, it is certain that the government won't get away with their complicity by pining the murder on Gulenists.”


Dink Court Case