Human Rights Association: 1552 people have been killed in a year

Human Rights Association (IHD) Diyarbakir Branch issued a report about the violations of rights in southeastern Turkey in a year.

According to the report 1552 people (civilians, police officers, village guards and guerrillas) have been killed and 1638 people have been injured. 440 people were executed extra-judicially.

According to Evrensel newspaper, the report includes the period between July 24, 2015 and July 24, 2016. IHD Diyarbakir Branch Chair Raci Bilici presented the report.

Bilici stated that 320 civilians, including 75 children, have been killed during police and military operations that had been carried out in 35 provinces under curfew. Some of them were killed by the fire of security forces, some of them died due to health conditions caused by the clashes and some others died because they weren't able to go to hospitals due to curfew.

440 “extrajudicial execution”

In the report, it is also stated that 440 people were executed extra-judicially during the clashes. “353 people have been injured and it wasn't possible to conduct an effective investigation on extrajudicial executions. 422 security forces have been killed and 1065 have been injured in armed clashes. While 614 guerrillas have been killed in the clashes, 17 were injured. 42 civilians, who were caught between two fires, have been killed and 75 were injured.”

7884 detentions

Administrative and legal procedures have also been recorded: “According to our estimations, 7884 people, including 275 children, have been detained and 1959 people, including 81 children, have been arrested. 13067 public laborers have investigations launched against them because they attended commemorations or demonstrations and 59 people stood trial as part of 15 lawsuits. In the regions under curfew, 20 buildings of political parties, 14 foundations, 7 educational and cultural institutions, 19 municipality buildings have been raided by police forces and assaulted by racist groups. 17 foundations and 2 educational and cultural institutions have been closed down.”


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