Archbishop Bekdjian: “Ateşyan pretends that he is the patriarch”

Archbishop Karekin Bekdjian, Primate Diocese of the Armenian Church of Germany, urged Armenians in Istanbul to be more determinate in terms of demanding a patriarchal election.

Armenian news portal interviewed Primate Diocese of the Armenian Church of Germany Archbishop Karekin Bekdjian, who urged Armenians in Istanbul to be more determinate in terms of demanding a patriarchal election.

In the interview released on August 28, the reporter asked about Archbishop Ateşyan and Bekdjian spoke as the following: “It is obvious that Ateşyan pretends that he is the patriarch because of his personal interests and he is willing to pay any price in order maintain his seat. The infamous letter that he sent to the government about the patriarchal elections proves this fact. He is trying to prove that he is loyal to the state.”

Being one of the natural candidates for patriarch, His Eminence Bekdjian had spoken to Agos and stated that he would be a candidate, if there is an election. He also shared his ideas about what should be done: “Under the current circumstances, the state won't allow an election. However, there is a great opportunity now and Armenian society can force His Eminence Ateşyan to resign. With this resignation, a new vicar can takeover and organize an election.”

Noting the silence of the Armenians in Istanbul, Archbishop Bekdjian said: “The situation of Armenians in Istanbul is heartbreaking. Given the postponement of the election, a positive development within the Armenian society seems impossible. Everything stands still.”

Assessing Bundestag's Armenian Genocide law, Bekdjian said: “This decision comforted us. We have been waiting for such a decision for 100 years. Many countries recognized the Armenian Genocide and this is very important indeed. However, Germany's recognition is the most important, since they recognized the genocide as an accomplice and perpetrator. Germany admitted its sins for all the world to see and we hope that this move would set an example to other 'powerful' countries. With this decision, Germany conveyed this message: There is a problem and you cannot remain deaf to it.”


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