Censorship spreads to websites: Özgür Radyo, Hayatın Sesi and IMC TV blocked

Almost 12 TV and radio channels, including Hayatın Sesi TV, Denge TV, Jiyan TV, Zarok TV and Van TV, has been dropped from TURKSAT. Among these dissident media organs, there are also channels that broadcast in Kurdish. Now, news portals of Özgür Radyo, Hayatın Sesi and IMC TV are also blocked.

It is possible to access the websites through VPN.

With a decree that was passed after the state of emergency was declared, it was decided that licenses of 12 TV channels and 11 radio stations, including IMC TV, Hayatın Sesi, TV 10, Van TV, Jiyan TV, Azadi TV ve Zarok TV, to be annulled.

The buildings of Denge TV, Birlik Medya TV and Van TV were sealed.

Anadolu News Agency claimed that IMC TV will also be closed down as part of the decree. 


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