Campaign for clearing the last minefield in Karabakh

A campaign is launched for clearing the minefield in Myurishen Village on Karabakh border. The purpose is making the region safe for 500 civilians living there.

HALO Trust is an international NGO working for clearing the minefields all around the world. The organization raised 20,000 dollars up to now through the online campaign. Their target is to raise 30,000 dollars. 

This campaign aims to clear the last minefield in Karabakh. It is stated that at least 5 civilians had been seriously injured since 1995 in Myurishen Village.

Since 2000, HALO Trust had cleared over 40 explosives and mines from the land. The last donations will help to clear the last minefield.

Currently, there are 500 villagers living in Myurishen.

Regional director of HALO Trust Andrew Moore said that Karabakh Armenians have been suffering from the mines for 22 years: “Karabakh has the highest per capita incidents of land mine accidents in the world, with death and serious injury often the result. Even more saddening is that 1/3 of the victims of these land mine incidents are children. These people deserve to be able to farm their lands and the children allowed to play in the fields without the senseless risk of being blown up."

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