Demirtaş: I won't be a puppet in this trumped-up judicial theater

After giving his statement in the prosecutor's office, HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş is referred to the court with arrest request. Demirtaş refused to answer the questions that were addressed to him in the prosecutor's office.

Here is Demirtaş's statement: 

“I don't want to answer the questions about the alleged charges against me. I just want to make a statement.

We are the elected representatives of people. We don't represent ourselves, but the electorate. Currently, I am a member of the parliament and have immunity. I am here as a member of the parliament. I would never let anyone disrespect the identity I represent and the will of my people. And I would never abstain from giving account to impartial judicial bodies.

I will never accept to be a subject of the judges and prosecutors who wait hand and foot while the dignity of the judicial system is trampled. I don't mean to disrespect you personally. However, I won't be a puppet in this trumped-up judicial theater, which is started by the order of Erdoğan who has a really shady and questionable personal background. I won't answer your questions. I don't think that any legal procedure that will be carried out by you could be just and lawful. Even my detention is done illegally. 

In the political scene, politicians are addressed by the politicians, not by the judiciary. Thus, you, as prosecutors and judges who are supposed to stick to international and democratic maxims of law and to international conventions that are signed by Turkey and have the power of constitutional law, should refuse to be a part of political games and schemes. I don't demand or expect anything from you. Only the people who elected me can question me about my political activities.”