Dink case: Sabri Uzun presented his defence

Sabri Uzun, who was the chief of Security General Directorate Intelligence Branch before the murder, presented his defence in trial of the public officials who are suspects of Dink murder. Uzun said that the intelligence reports stating that Dink will be murdered hadn't been presented to him and he added that Dink murder is a plot against nationalists.

The cross examination of Sabri Uzun,who was the chief of Security General Directorate Intelligence Branch before the murder, was completed yesterday. Since he had given a statement in Ankara before, he didn't present a new defence in the court. 

I hadn't received the reports”

Uzun said that the intelligence reports that were sent from Trabzon Intelligence Branch weren't presented to him.

A planned intelligence operation should have been launched”

Uzun said that Trabzon Intelligence Branch should have launched a planned intelligence operation right after they received the information about murder plans. He claimed that a file concerning this issue should have been issued.

He also said that Trabzon branch should have called him when the intelligence report was sent to Istanbul, but no one had called him about this issue.

Intelligence council of the Gulenist organization”

Uzun claimed that the murder was a plot: “It was conspiracy. They tried to create the impression that Kemalists and nationalists are trouble for this country. Coşkun Çakar, Recep Güven and Muharrem Durmaz constitute the intelligence council of the Gulenists organization. Coşkun Çakar should be their head.”

Stating that the inspectors who were conducting investigation after the murder had never listened to him: “They tried to got hold of the intelligence branches with the help of the inspectors. In this way, they would have cleared the way for Gulenists.”

Santoro's condition was worse compared to Dink”

Uzun spoke as the following during the cross examination:

“23 indictments added to Ergenekon case. Priest Santoro was killed in Trabzon, while he was wiretapped. They hadn't provided protection to him. Dink was murdered. Then, Zirve [Publishing House massacre] took place. Santoro was Catholic, Hrant Dink was Orthodox and Zirve was Protestant. Three Christian people from 3 different denominations have been killed. Santoro's condition was worse compared to Dink. He was even wiretapped. The notice that started the Dink case came from Trabzon, which is the starting point of the murder. The letter that started Ergenekon case also came from Trabzon. Dink case was the starting point of a network of murders.”


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