Ayhan Bilgen: 237 HDP officials are detained

Ayhan Bilgen, spokesperson of HDP, stated that 237 HDP officials have been detained in simultaneous operations carried out this morning. He also said that HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş had heart spasm on Saturday and he is denied healthcare services in prison.

Holding a press conference in HDP headquarters, Ayhan Bilgen spoke about the bombing attack in Beşiktaş, constitution draft and health of Selahattin Demirtaş.

Bilgen pointed out the statements of some MPs and pro-government writers in social media: “Just a few moments after the attack in Beşiktaş, some MPs and pro-government writers identified the attack as an attempt to prevent the change in the presidential system. Degrading the value of human life because of political ambitions is unacceptable. The statements that are made after the attack against our party, combined with [Minister of Interior's] vengeance promise, reveals the conditions we live in now.”

Is this how you take vengeance?”

Bilgen showed some pictures revealing the damage caused by the police raids and the writing on the wall that reads “We came to visit you, but you were away”: “These are the pictures of our office in Istanbul. Anti-riot vehicles are still waiting in front of our offices. Our friends inside are not allowed to go outside and make a statement to the press. Our MPs are not allowed to enter the office. How is this related to the investigation of Beşiktaş attack? They had written similar things on the walls of bedrooms in Cizre and Sur. Is this how you take vengeance?”

Bilgen also stated that 7432 HDP members have been detained and 2345 of them have been arrested since July 22, 2015.

We are worried about Demirtaş's health”

“I want to express our worries about our co-chair's health. Demirtaş is denied healthcare services in prison, though he has a heart condition and medical report. We will apply to Medical Association of Turkey to demand an examination monitored by impartial physicians.”


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