Yılmazer: Dinç had inexplicable relations

In Dink case, Director of Office C of the General Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch Ali Fuat Yılmazer started to present his defence. Yılmazer accused the personnel of Istanbul and Trabzon directorates of security. He pointed out former chief of General Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch Engin Dinç's relations with Trabzon gendarmerie personnel; he said, “Dinç had inexplicable relations.” He also talked about Ergenekon and KCK operations.

Ali Fuat Yılmazer, who was the director of Office C of the General Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch at the time of murder, started to present his defence. After the murder, he worked as the director of Istanbul Intelligence Branch. He is also known as the police chief who conducted Ergenekon and Balyoz operations. 

Severe criticism against the indictment

Yılmazer severely criticized prosecutor's indictment. He said that the indictment is illegal and the court is partial.

The indictment defines Ergenekon and Balyoz operations as “conspiracy” and Yılmazer reacted against this definition: “Erdoğan, who was the prime minister at that time, was leading the operations. Where is the court decision stating that the operations were conspiracy? There was no such a court order when the indictment was issued. Who confirmed that there was a conspiracy?”

He accused Istanbul and Trabzon

He also criticized the claims referring him as the head of a crime syndicate; he said that he was working within the state hierarchy.

Claiming that the personnel of Istanbul and Trabzon directorates of security hadn't performed their duties and he had no responsibility, Yılmazer said, “Lots of reports had been written. There is the decision of ECHR. None of them claims that the personnel of Intelligence Branch had responsibility.”

Speaking about Engin Dinç, Yılmazer said, “He had inexplicable relations with Metin Yıldız, who is a gendarmerie official currently under arrest. They talked to each other on the day of murder.”

I didn't do anything without the orders of the prime minister”

Saying that they held meetings with Prime Minister Erdoğan between 2008 and 2012, Yılmazer also talked about Ergenekon operations: “The operations started with Hakan Aydın Türkeli and Selim Kutkan. If there was a conspiracy, it must have been carried out in the time of Celalettin Cerrah and Muammer Güler. We have to talk about these matters, before calling it a conspiracy.”

He also talked about KCK operations: “KCK operations had been carried out in accordance with Erdoğan's orders and instructions. MİT undersecretary Hakan Fidan and Minister of Interior Beşir Atalay were against these operations. We facilitated the operations with Diyarbakir at the center. We saw that the ones included in KCK operation worked as couriers. I found out that MİT personnel was carrying explosives to metropolises. I didn't do anything without the orders of the prime minister.”

Yılmazer also claimed that he was the one who convinced the prime minister for permitting May 1 celebrations.

The state didn't perform its duty”

Yılmazer talked about the murder of Hrant Dink as follows:

“There had been investigations and legal processes concerning this murder. However, there was no progress. Every one agrees that this is a murder that wasn't prevented intentionally. They let it happen. The state didn't perform its duty. The life of Hrant Dink wasn't protected.”

“There is a political background behind the hit-men and it corresponds to something in the state. They didn't do anything, because they didn't want to protect Dink.”

“This was a part of the process of destabilizing Turkey. With AKP government, new-nationalists kept intensifying their activities. The state that turned Hrant Dink into target consists of those people with their connections within the state. They serve for chaos. We systematically reported these assessments to prime minister and president. Erdoğan personally ordered General Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch to decipher the connections within the state and prevent such activities.”

Yılmazer claimed that Istanbul was responsible for the protection of Dink: “Istanbul Governor's Office and Directorate of Security had known that Hrant Dink was in serious danger. They had the responsibility to provide protection without waiting for Dink to ask for protection. They facilitated the murder. If you are looking for an element of intention, you have to check Istanbul.”

These are the men of Veli Küçük”

Speaking about the investigation against gendarmerie personnel, Yılmazer said: “While the documents of police were searched high and low, they didn't do anything about the archives of gendarmerie. Kerinçsiz had 114 meetings with Istanbul Gendarmerie personnel and the General Command of Gendarmerie while the trial of Dink was in process. Everything happened after July 15. They became the supporters of Gülen. When did the men of Veli Küçük become supporters of Gülen?”


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