Writing for Hrant

On the occasion of the 10th year of Hrant Dink's death, the ones who crossed his path and the ones who knew him wrote for Hrant Dink from “inside” and “outside.” Here are three letters to Hrant Dink from the “inside”.

Selahattin Demirtaş: We feel embarrassed, but we haven't knelt down either

It is been 10 years since we lost Hrant Dink. Unfortunately, we failed to turn our country into a livable and free country in ten years. That is why we feel embarrassed before Hrant. However, we haven't knelt down either.

Though the murderers and the figures supporting them are protected as yet, we know the murderer of Hrant, just like we know the perpetrators of Suruç, Ankara and Roboski... Dear Rakel said, “the mentality that turns children into murderers”; we are combating that mentality and you should know that we will continue to do so forever. I am sorry for I am not able to attend the commemoration events this year, because I am in prison. However, I am sticking by the struggle for justice for Hrant, though I am here. This murder also targeted peoples' coexistence. In the person of Hrant Dink, they targeted us all. And we, in the person of Hrant Dink, will continue to seek for justice for everyone and we will achieve it.

Ahparig! We miss you but we walk tall; just like the way you would like to see us.

I remember you with respect.

Edirne Prison

Necmiye Alpay: he gave a unique meaning

When I got to know Hrant Dink, I said to myself, “Here is one of the most intense instances of vitality.”

What was the source of Hrant's intensity? Being Armenian? Yes, that's for sure. However, being from Turkey also intensified his existence. What I mean by “being from Turkey” refers to an objective and subjective state at the same time. Hrant lived by creating all of those dimensions. He gave a historical and unique meaning to being from Turkey.

Existence of minorities might be the greatest chance of all societies. Middle ages of our republic was spent trying to destroy this chance; we are still doing this. Murder of Hrant was one of the major assassinations committed against this chance of ours. That is why it tugs at our heartstrings.

Murat Sabuncu: They did everything possible to hide the real murderers

Whenever someone mentions you, I remember the same scene: an excursion boat is hired in Bosporus for the birthday of Şafak Pavey. Many Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Cherkes, Albanian friends are happy to be there with the dishes of their cuisine they cooked. And you are there with your grandson sitting on your lap. You talk about the love for children and grandchildren.

This was the last time I saw you. On the next time, you were lying on the sidewalk in front of Agos, which you nurtured with your efforts. We, the ones who love you, were burning with pain on the sidewalk across. The ones who said that this murder won't be lost in the dark tunnels of Ankara are still ruling today. They did everything possible to hide the real murderers. We, the ones who still try to engage with journalism, are going through very hard times now. For instance, I cannot write this letter by myself, because it is not allowed. This letter will be out with the help of my lawyer friend Emek.

In your funeral ceremony and commemoration events, we were in front of Agos with our friends. Unfortunately, I won't be there this year, but I will commemorate you with the sound of the duduk of Civan Gasparyan which I will imagine in Silivri. I will always remember you and Tahir Elçi with respect, believing in the beautiful days to come to my country.

Silivri Prison