Elected değabah Bekçiyan: we will go to the governor’s office

Archbishop Karekin Bekçiyan, who elected as the değabah by the Clerical Assembly, made a statement about the notice from the governor’s office which states that “the election is legally impossible”.

Right after the meeting of Clerical Assembly in which Archbishop Karekin Bekçiyan elected as the değabah, a notice from the governor’s office claiming that “the election is legally impossible” was handed out. Değabah Bekçiyan made a statement about this development. 

Bekçiyan stated that a group including Ateşyan and Maşalyan will go to Istanbul governor’s office. Bekçiyan said, “I won’t be there. In this planned meeting, our party will explain the logic of election of değabah. Then, an announcement will be made. This will happen within a couple of days. I will be here in the mean time.”



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