1992 İstanbul doğumlu. Agos foto-muhabiri. Ermeni toplumu gündemi, sosyal etkinlikleri ve yaşamı üzerine haberler yapıyor.

Istanbul Governor’s Office interfered in the patriarchal election. During the election of değabah, a notice signed by the deputy governor was sent to the patriarchate, claiming that starting the election process is “legally” impossible. Ateşyan and Maşalyan will try to meet with the governor and explain the process.

The election of değabah (trustee), which is considered as the first step of patriarchal election, started in Istanbul.

In the process of patriarchal election, Armenian society waits for the değabah (trustee) election. The election will be held on March 15. The result is expected to be announced on the same day.

Metropolite of the Diocese of Gougark Archbishop Sebouh Chouldjian, one of the natural patriarchal candidates, spoke to Agos and stated that Armenian Primate of Germany Archbishop Karekin Bekdjian should be supported in değabah election. He also stated that he will come together with Armenians of Turkey as the patriarchal candidate.

“I have the right to be the değabah (trustee), but there is a better candidate than me and His Eminence Ateşyan: His Eminence Karekin Bekdjian. I consider and suggest him as the değabah candidate with his easygoing character that would relive the tension and his years of experience in administration.”

After the meeting in Etchmiadzin, Primate Diocese of the Armenian Church of Germany Karekin Bekdjian and General Vicar of the Patriarch of Istanbul Aram Ateşyan assessed the developments.

After Maşalyan's resignation, a protocol was issued in a secret meeting that was held before the meeting of VADİP (Cooperation and Consultation Platform for Foundations), foundation chairs and executives. Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II made a statement on the recent developments. Catholicos stated that the protocol is against the traditional procedure.

The Armenian Patriarchate of Turkey made an important decision concerning the patriarchal election. With the decision of the Clerical Assembly, the process of election has officially started. Leading the meeting of the Assembly, Bishop Sahak Mashalian answered the questions concerning the background of this decision and the course of the election process. He stated that a committee consisting of clerics will apply for election.

General Vicar of the Patriarch Archbishop Aram Ateşyan, Bishop Sahag Maşalyan, Representative of Minority (Community) Foundations and Council Member of the Directorate General of Foundations Toros Alcan DDS PhD and Samatya Surp Kevork High School Chairman Yesayi Demir spoke to Agos about the concerns about the decreasing population.