NEWS “You will always be outsiders” message to Palestinians

Israeli parliament gave preliminary approval to “Israel nation-state law”, which has to pass two more votes to become law. This proposal, which makes people worry that it might constitute a legitimate ground for discriminatory policies against Palestinians, is a hot topic of debate in the country. We talked to Louis Fishman, faculty member of Brooklyn College Department of History about these developments and he states that this law would be a disgrace, not only to the Arab citizens, but also to the Jews working towards an open liberal Israel that is based on freedom and equality.

With the deal made between Turkey and Israel, “humanitarian aid” to Gaza Strip is brought to the agenda once again. On the other hand, a joint Palestinian and Israeli project, which has been going on since 2002, tries to find a more permanent solution to the crisis in the region. The book titled as "Learning Each Others Historical Narrative" offers a new model for history textbooks used in Palestinian and Israeli schools. Project's co-director Sami Adwan told about this model.