TURKEY Brussels attackers identified

Two bombers who carried out attacks at Brussels Airport yesterday are identified as brothers Khalid and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui. It is stated that though they have criminal records, any relation to a terrorist organization hasn't been found yet.
NEWS “ISIS seized Raqqa in a minute”

“Fade to Black” video of “Maajooneh” released online 2 weeks ago and shared over and over. We talked to Farah and Amer from “Maajooneh” about their lives under the pressure of Asad regime and ISIS, their journey to Istanbul and plans for future.
NEWS AINA: ISIS destroyed 16 churches in Syria

Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) released a list of churches in Syria which were destroyed by ISIS and other radical Islamist groups. In the list, there are 3 Armenian churches.
NEWS Killing the culture of living together

After ISIS’ terrorist attacks that shattered Paris and the whole world, the experiences and their affects have been discussed in a detailed way. Having worked as Turkey correspondent of Le Monde between 2004 and 2014, Guillaume Perrier reported the current situation in Paris for Agos.
NEWS ISIS also hit at Beirut

On November 12, one day before Paris attacks, two explosions took place in Burc Al Barajine which is located on the southern suburbs of Beirut. This region is densely populated by Shiites and the center of Hezbollah, which is the major party of Shiites, is also there. 44 people were killed and over 200 people were injured due to the attack.