NEWS 4 HDP MPs give statement to the prosecutor

HDP MPs Mehmet Adıyaman, Osman Baydemir, Ahmet Yıldırım and İmam Taşçıer have been taken into custody today to give statement to the prosecutor. They are released, after they have given their statements.
NEWS HDP MPs Konca and Demirel arrested

HDP MP Besime Konca and group deputy chairperson Çağlar Demirel were arrested yesterday. HDP Siirt MP Besime Konca had been released, but she was detained again upon the objection by prosecution and then arrested.
NEWS Ayhan Bilgen: 237 HDP officials are detained

Ayhan Bilgen, spokesperson of HDP, stated that 237 HDP officials have been detained in simultaneous operations carried out this morning. He also said that HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş had heart spasm on Saturday and he is denied healthcare services in prison.
NEWS HDP decides to rejoin parliamentary work

HDP had decided to withdraw from parliamentary committees after the co-chairs and 7 MPs of the party were arrested on November 6. HDP Spokesperson Ayhan Bilgen announced that they have changed their mind and they will take part in the committees once again.