Yerevan resists electricity price rise

Last night, police attacked the group that had resisted in Yerevan’s Freedom Square protesting against an electricity price rise.

There were several injured in the police attack on the protest, and around 230 people including journalists were arrested.

Thousands of people taking part in the actions initiated by the ‘No to Plunder’ group in Freedom Square, carried out a 9-hour sit-in on Monday, and when prevented by police from marching on the Presidential Palace, began a sit-in on Baghramyan Street.

The police attacked the group last night. Civilnet has reported that there are many injured.

On 17 June, the government had announced a 6,93 Armenian Dram hike in electricity prices, a 16% increase.

Actions against the price increase began on June 19 in Freedom (Azatutyan) Square. Protestors demand that the price increase be cancelled, and a further reduction is made to the price of electricity.

Vaghinak Sushanyan, an organizer of the ‘No to Plunder’ initiative said, “We will not be part of this game. This is our country, we will make the decisions. Every citizen faces a choice, you either go home and keep complaining, or you stay here with us, and resist.”

When the deadline announced for the cancellation of the price increase by protestors expired at 7 pm on June 22, a march began on the Presidential Palace. Police blocked the march on grounds that it was illegal, and the sit-in began.

President Serzh Sargsyan had previously said he would meet 3-4 representatives of the protestors if the sit-in was ended.Tags Armenia Yerevan electricity price rise 



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