No permission for demonstration in Istanbul

The governorship of Istanbul hasn’t found commemoration marches in Istanbul “convenient”.

A march for protesting the Ankara massacre was planned to be held in Istanbul today with the participation of many occupational organizations and political parties. However, before the march, the governorship of Istanbul declared that it’s not “convenient” to hold this demonstration, because the route for this march is not among the areas that are determined as convenient for gatherings and the current situation of the country is delicate.

People were to gather in Sirkeci and Cerrahpaşa and then head to Beyazıt to meet there.

Another group gathered in front of Eminönü Pier in Kadıköy to go to Sirkeci for the demonstration, but they were attacked by the police and 4 people are taken into custody. The police also attacked people who wanted to march to Beyazıt Square from Cerrahpaşa Medical School. The police didn’t allow them to march and people staged a sit-in.

The people who gathered in Sirkeci also faced with the police obstacle. After CHP MP Mahmut Tanal and HDP MP Hüda Kaya made speeches, the group staged a sit-in. Since the police didn’t allow them to march, the people broke up around 12.15.