Kurşunlu Mosque in Sur burning

On the 6th day of curfew and clashes, a fire broke out in Kurşunlu Mosque in Sur province of Diyarbakir because of the bombs hit at the mosque.

Historical Kurşunlu Mosque in Sur province had its share of the clashes in Sur province of Diyarbakir. 

According to the report of Anadolu News Agency, a fire broke out in Kurşunlu Mosque located in Fatihpaşa Neighbourhood, which is in the scope of the curfew. 

The mosque was hit by a grenade thrower and the fire brigade wasn't allowed to enter the area in order to put out the fire. 

A petition against the destruction of the historical heritage

In Sur provience, where the curfew still continues, historical structures, including Diyarbakir Forstress and Hevsel Gardens which are in the World Heritage list of UNESCO, are being damaged and civilians are being killed. A petition is launched for preventing the destruction and losses. 

Launched on change.org by Assoc. Prof. Aziz Yağan, the petition is prepared in 13 languages (Turkish, English, French, Kurdish, Armenian, Laz, Syrica, Swedish, Greek, Spanish, German, Arabic and Persian). 

Here is the statements in the petition: “Historical artefacts many thousand of years old within the fortress walls of Diyarbakir Castle are today being unscrupulously damaged. These historical edifices are not only the common heritage of Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Jews, Turks and Arabs but of all nations and religions – a heritage that future generations have a right to see and touch.” 

To see the petition please click.