Salih Müslim: We are not invited yet

PYD co-chair Salih Müslim made statements about Geneva meeting. Saying that they haven't received an invitation, Müslim stated, “If we don't attend the meeting, the peace process would be imperiled.”

Speaking to journalist Banu Güven, Müslim said that the invitation isn't sent not because of a technical issue, but because of the reaction of certain parties. 

Müslim also said that Heysem Menna, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Assembly which is the largest component of PYD, stated that they wouldn't attend the meeting, if PYD isn't invited. 

Müslim said, "If we don't attend the meeting, the peace process would be imperiled and the meetings would end up like the previous Geneva meeting. For some unknown reasons, certain parties react this.”

“Interfering in the internal affairs of Syria”

Salih Müslim also talked about Turkey's attitude toward the participation of PYD: “We don't know what is happening behind closed doors. However, as far as we see, Turkey doesn't want peace and uses some negotiators as an excuse. This is nothing but interfering in the internal affairs of Syria.”

UN Syria Representative Staffan de Mistura's office made a statement saying that they won't give any information about who are invited to the meeting until they receive certain responses to the invitations. 


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